Project URL

Overview is a tiny URL generator for meme links! allows a user generate a tiny URL and attach social media sharing meta data like a GIF, custom description, and page title. Social media platforms will recognize the attached meta data and display it on the post URL link. It also allows the user to choose between creating a Random (tiny url) or a Funny URL. The funny URL will randomly select/generate a two-word URL from a list of funny words compiled. The system will always check to make sure the URL is not in use already before creating the new URL for a user.

I created it as a side project in my spare time for fun and to do a bit of learning with NodeJS, React, and MongoDB.

Future plans include:

  • Integrating with a malware scanner API for checking submitted links and banning malicious users.
  • Adding a custom URL option with duplicate checking (started but not finished
  • Updating GIPHY API key for more requests per day

Front-end Landing Page Code

Back-end REST API Server