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This has been one of my largest projects to date. It has required me to use pretty much all my project management and development skills.

Phase 1 of this project was to create a new public facing website based on WordPress. Apart from the regular custom WordPress theme design and development, the client required that we connect the site to their intranet website so we are able to display up to date information about their partner offices, team members, clients, and industry fields/services.

Their intranet site is a custom PHP based CRM for internal use only. But to keep data updates and management isolated in one application, we connected the public facing website to grab live data from the intranet API and dynamically create WordPress pages and search results for various data.

Recently I’ve also created a custom API data caching system within their public website to reduce the reliance on the intranet API. The cache will check for API errors, incorrect data entry, loss of connection, etc, and revert to using the last set of cached data rather than displaying incorrect or broken data. This take a bit of the stress off new production releases for the intranet site.

For example, all the following pages are created using WordPress endpoints:


We have also recently launched an updated version of their private Intranet/CRM. This included:

  • Fully re-designed and developed UI
  • Additional functionality for partner messaging and replies
  • Additional profile management features including custom social functionality like status updates
  • Dynamic Google Maps to display offices in specific service sectors and a dynamic PDF download of the map with list contact details for related partners to provide to prospective clients
  • Security updates
  • Detailed future development planning